Dhaka Walk
a performative
of the city
in collaboration with local artists

20 January 2012
Lake Area,
Dhaka (BD)

Organised by Britto Arts Trust Dhaka

image: 'cleaning intervention', participatory project by Jane Finlay, Hossain I Neloy and Diana Wesser

Dhaka Walk

A performative expedition through the city of Dhaka by Diana Wesser
in collaboration with local artists.

The Dhaka walk was an artistic expedition into the city of Dhaka. The audience went for a walk and discovered astonishing artistic and performative interventions that wanted to shift their view of the everyday. The walker and passer-bys were invited to participate in several performative interventions to make an excursion into the vast layers of their consciousness. Little by little some objects like flowers, bird stickers or green paper trees spread in the surroundings of the project. Together with the interventions they changed the place for one day by creating an unusual situation and scenery. At the announced information point the audience was provided with a map indicating all the spots where artistic interventions could be found. The map included 9 exercises for a mindful walk and a programme announcing the performances that took place during the day.

The ‘Dhaka Walk’ was based on a workshop with local artists dealing with contemporary forms of street art and site specific performance in the urban realm. While asking for the characteristics of the city of Dhaka our focusing was especially on collaborative and participatory practices. The workshop combined these practices with the participant's specific artistic and cultural ways to engage with audience/communities. The project was realised in the context of my residency at Britto Arts Trust, Dhaka.
Diana Wesser (Germany) in collaboration with local artists Ashim Halder Sagor, Kamruzzaman Shadhin, Maharunnessa Nipa, Mohammad Hasanur Rahman Reaz, Hossain I Neloy, Masudur Rahman, Md Hasan Morshed, Najmun Nahar Keya, Shamiur Rahman Noyon and guest Jane Finlay (Australia).

Organised by Britto Arts Trust Dhaka
Kindly supported by ifa – Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen

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Download the Dhaka Walk programme here:
DhakaWalk_programme.pdf 349.28 KB
Dhaka Walk interventions (in order of the programme)

Please don’t waste the waste!
Diana Wesser & Jane Finlay: Unusual public trash bins for Dhaka with adapted logo 'please put and take waste here' as some people do live on collecting the dirty waste that everyone is just dropping on the ground. This owner of a close by café promissed to take care for this bin. (Photo: Jane Finlay)

Astonishing Stance + peace birds
Najmun Nahar Keya: A rocking chair just pops up at different places, inviting the passer-bys to take a rest and to get an intimate view on their surroundings. Close by some bird shaped stickers are lying on the ground, spreading in the area little by little. (Photo: Shahriar Shaon)

Masudur Rahman: Attracting attention by beeing bound on different objects like trees or posts a man is starting a discussion about the topics of beeing isolated and the power of a group. He's asking the pop up audience to set him free and to join him to built a group using the rope as binding – successfully. (Photo: Mohammad Hasanur Rahman Reaz)

Do you feel it?
Md Hasan Morshed: A growing number of red ribbon labeled with questions appears in the area, inviting the passer-bys to be more aware of the sensuality of their surroundings. (Photo: Shahriar Shaon)

Mirror Talk
Shamiur Rahman Noyon: An unexpected mirror leaning against a lamppost is attracting the passer-bys attention. After sharing some intimate moments with themselves, the artist joins them and starts a conversation. Each encounter is translated into a portrait drawing including a short quote. The drawings form a growing exhibiton above the mirror. (Photo: Shamiur Rahman Noyon)

green contemplations
Hossain I Neloy: A green man is talking to people about their relation to nature and the colour green and ask them to plant a tree in Dhaka in the near future. A growing number of tree planting contracts written on green tree shaped paper cutouts is appearing on the city's walls. In exchange the participating persons get origami butterflies, made from green waste packaging found in the area around the Dhanmondi Lakes. (Photo: Jane Finlay)

colours of mind
Maharunnessa Nipa: a women gives roses away. By asking the peopel to choose the colour carefully she's starting a converstation about the personal meaning of the choosen colour. Little by little smiling people with flowers can be seen everywhere at the lake side. (Photo: Ashim Halder Sagor)

Bonding with colour
Mohammad Hasanur Rahman Reaz: A collaborative paper installation on a bridge where the passer-bys are invited to choose the colour of the next paper. (Photo: Mohammad Hasanur Rahman Reaz)

Eco Sensations
Ashim Halder Sagor: Without telling the purpose, a man is asking passer-bys to join him forming a circle around a tree. After a while he invites the group to get close to the tree and touch it for a moment with eyes closed, creating an unexpected collective 'eco-sensation'. (Photo: Mohammad Hasanur Rahman Reaz)

connecting people for a better
Bangladesh Kamruzzaman Shadhin: A biker dressed up as an eagle is using the interest that he is attracting to start discussions with passer-bys about their ideas for a better Bangladesh. He is sharing self addressed postpaid yellow postcards that are usually used by the goverment and ask the people to send their ideas to him. By complying with this wish the ideas are not only getting a post mark, but are also passing the system befor they come back to Shadhin.
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